Past Beardies

My first Beardie- Penliza's Wood Mellick ( Tegan)

My beautiful brown girl. Tegan taught me so much. She tried her paw at everything with me. Conformation, agility, herding, obedience. She had the softest temperament but kept control of all the other dogs with just a look.12/4/91-19/5/01






My first homebred girl- Toriavic's Amoroso ( Taff)

Taff was a slate girl with attitude. She had a very strong will and as long as she understood why you wanted something done your way not hers she would work her socks off for you. 21/12/93-8 /1/10





 My fawn boy- Toriavic Emin Pasha (Merlin)

Merlin was my gorgeous, gentle boy. He came over with me to Australia and loved it. He was probably my soul mate so far in the Beardies. He was happiest when he was with me even if we were doing nothing but having a coffee. He also loved puppies and would happily take over from mum to give her a break. 3/3/97- 26/8/07